Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Starting Christmas

Well, today I thought I’d get a jump on the Christmas Decorating.

My husband brought in all of the boxes this weekend and I’ve got to get them organized and out of my living room…. I’ve got crafting to do!!

I Got this vintage tablecloth from my mom last week and the stains are too big to use on the table for it’s actual purpose, but I am thinking of making it into a curtain for above my kitchen window. We moved to a new home in September, and the house is a big white blank canvas. I haven’t done much except for painting the playroom and the baby’s room. I need to figure out exactly what colors I would like to run with before I get paint crazy. The kitchen is not only painted white, but there are white cupboards and white tile countertops.. A lot of white!! There are some glass display cabinets I need to set out to decorate as well.. Haven’t commited to a color scheme yet, so it has all been seasonal stuff so far. I used to live on the west coast and had a lot of vintage cottage décor.. Reds, yellows, greens and pinks. When I moved to Michigan, I decided to go a little more country cozy and even incorporated a lot of prims to my décor. I stopped painting items white and distressing them and started painting furniture black and distressing it. It seemed to go with my first country house. I am now debating going back to my old color scheme and chucking the prim accessories. The nice thing about cottage décor is that it is eclectic and I can still incorporate and keep my favorite pieces. Once I get this blog going and have more readers, I will post pics of my rooms I will be working on and try to get suggestions from you all.. But that will have to wait until after the holiday’s.. and after I have a plate of yesterday’s cookies!!

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