Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inspire me!!

Just a quick post.. I've been scouring the internet, blogs and magazines for decorating inspiration. I may have a new decorating project on the horizon.. more details to come later. As I browse, I rip out pages and save pics on the computer for refrence.. thought I'd share some of these pics and maybe inspire some of you!! I have saved pics for so long, I can't give credit where credit is due, so if you see a pic that you recognize, i'd be glad to credit you with it!!  Happy looking and hopefully decorating!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

junk is good...

Just a quick post to show off a few of the reasons I have been MIA... I've been working on all of my junking finds in preparation for our annual barn sale.. everything in these pictures were found in the garage and rehabbed by me. some items will be lised on Etsy, so if you are interested let me know!! Now off to work on more items.. the sale is next week, so time is a wasting!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feedsack Love

Feeling the feedsack love for sure... I just had to post about the love of feedsack fabrics. If only when we went to the market today, our dry goods were packaged in these great sacks, my grocery bill would be even more outrageous than it already is!! Can you imagine the time spent trying to decide which bag of flour or rice to pick?? ugh, I'd love it!!
google feedsacks or browse through flickr and look at all of the wonderful things people create with their feedsack finds... it's very inspirational!!

The patterns and colors will make you swoon!!

I thought I'd share some cute feedsack craft finds on Etsy.. like these feedsack covered buttons found here

And this cute feedsack pillow found here

And these coasters aren't the only things you'll want at this etsy store!!
Enjoy the hunt!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, school is almost out here ( one day left ) and that means the beginning of summer vacation and time to work on my projects, more junking and garage sales, and lazy afternoons at the lake!
I have been very busy and my junking so far this year has been AMAZING!! I have so much to share, I'll be blogging a lot this summer!! I have a few pics of the garden and what I have added so far. I have to admit I haven't done much yet this season, but I'm working on it...

I found this cute chest by the side of the road, a TON of terracotta pots ( this is just a few of them ) and the door and wreath are also junk / garage sale finds.. not bad, eh?

I grabbed a couple of croquet mallots and balls out of the garbage, and just stuck them in the garden for now, but something creative will happen with them later..

And I love this teal birdhouse someone threw in the garbage.. perfect!! I just drove it home and stuck it in the ground.. it couldn't have been easier!!

Stay tuned this week, I will be adding more vintage finds to my etsy store as well as featuring a giveaway!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend I attended the festival of tables in Traverse City, Mi. It is a benefit luncheon for child and family services. Tables are decorated and displayed and tables and their contents are even raffled off. Two of the gals I went with each won table packages worth $3,000.00!!! Hopefully, I'll have that kind of luck next year!! Just thought I'd share some of the pic's I took while wandering around. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Greedy..

Ok.. so I've decided I'm greedy.. On Mother's Day, my husband took the kids to the park for a couple of hours so that I could have some mommy time alone. I decided to go out in the yard and cut myself a bunch of lilacs.. it got a little out of control, but I'm happy that I got greedy!! ( I even cut some from an empty house next door.. shhhh.. don't tell! )
My hose smells like a little old lady spilled her perfume when she walked in the door, but I don't are.. they look great and I put them all over, even in the bathrooms!! Here are some pic's of some of the vases I put them in. The lilacs will be gone before you know it, so I thought why not enjoy some indoors, rather than have to be outside my house to see them!!

Lilac's are one of my favorite flowers. Here in Northern Michigan there is one place that we like to visit each year and often take out of town guests toand it is a real treat if you have the chance to go.. Mackinac Island..

They have a Lilac festival every June. It is an island with no motor vehicles allowed, only horses and carriages and bikesand you have to take a ferry to got there. It is a beautiful place and it really feels like stepping back in time! It's big claim to fame is the movie, "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.. if you haven't seen this movie, it is a MUST!! Netflix it and you won't be disappointed. The majority of that movie was filmed on the island and most Michiganders are familar with it.

So, if you're ever in Michigan, head up North and hit Mackinac Island.. it's a must see!!

I've been so inspired by my beautiful lilac's, I just may make some Lilac colored cupcakes and get greedy with them, too!!! :)