Monday, November 24, 2008

It's snowing!!

Remnants of Summer....

Well, today it is snowing like crazy.. my kinder is home sick from school and my pre-kinder is gone at school..

Thought I'd make some Toll House cookies..seems like a cookies and milk kinda day. My 4 year old will squeal with delight when she gets off of the bus and my 6 year old daughter sick on the couch may drool as well...

As I prepare the ingredients.. I can view my very fit neighbor cross-country skiing ( what is she thinking?!?) and I have a view of a sink full of dishes.

Forgot to add the eggs one at a time...ooops!

"Mom, are those cookies done yet?"
I think I just may eat the dough.. that's the best part anyway, right? Now I am off to wait for a bus, eat some dough, and maybe get some dishes done:)