Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fling with Spring!!

I am having a fling with spring!! I don't feel fully in that spring decor mode, but I am almos there, so I've decided it's a "fling"!! :) I have been going through my stored spring images as well as some I have found here and there and thought I'd share some pic's to get you inspring mode as well!! Maybe my next post will have some of my own personal spring decor to share.. Maybe.

I love this bucket of flowers in this kitchen. I know it's not truly a spring inspiration pic, but I love how just a few flowers reminds me that it is no longer winter!!

It's still cold enough for a cup of coffee or tea, but you should drink it in a spring mug for sure!!

Time to start planning those Easter eggs.. so many ideas!! And don't forget the outdoor decor!!

1 comment:

MaryRC said...

those shots put a spring in my step :-)