Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy Takes a Break!!

Well, it's been cold and snowy, and I have to admit not very motivating!! All I want to do is get caught up on the Tivo and crochet.. actually it's pretty nice!! I have a million half finished projects, not yet ready for pics, but I did finish a project last week. My 5 year old had a very loose tooth and I had a half finished tooth fairy pillow.. the idea was one I found on another blog, but can't remember which one ( if you know who I can credit with the idea let me know!! ). New Years Eve, that loose tooth finally fell out and I had to tell her that the tooth fairy did not work on holidays ( bad mom,I know, but I wanted to finish my pillow!! ) New years eve, I finished stitching and stuffing that pillow, and wouldn't you know it.. the kid decided she didn't want to use it!!! My 7 year old also had a currently loose tooth and she is VERY excited to use it, so all efort was not for nothing!! lol.. Here is a pic of the finished pillow, it would make a great gift for a little girl or boy and the options are endless with what type of picture you could sketch of your very own tooth fairy ideas!!
And I have been ..working on the granny squares :)


Katie Watson said...

Those are so darn cute!! I love the tooth fairy pillow, it is so so cute!

Paula Clare said...

GASP! Be still my heart! Your granny squares are WONDERFUL! My kingdom for a scarf or a throw in those colors! LOVELY! Oh how I wish I could knit (or is it crochet) I am SO domestically challenged! lol