Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Started..

Well, I am feeling a little better and am starting to tackle that mound of Christmas boxes. I have a buffet of sorts built in the kitchen, so I decided to re-arrange so that my reds and greens are all put together. Who says it all has to be Christmas themed, right? Color is everything. I really need to get to crafting because I have so many ideas and half completed projects that these vignettes will change many times before Christmas, I am sure! I just need to purge all of those Christmas items that I really don't have a use for anymore. I always feel like everything I have should be put out or it won't be complete.

This is a antique childs snow shovel that I have and I love it. It was propped up outside, then kept getting knocked over so now it has been moved inside and is propped against the fireplace, but I am thinking of now hanging it on a wall somewhere..Hmmmmmmm....

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Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I like how you put things together in your buffet, and those are such beautiful green plates! They remind me a little of my mom-in-law's Depression glass plates. :) I also think your antique snow shovel is very cute! :)